Ambassadors 2018

Efva Attling
Efva Attling
Efva Attling belongs to Sweden’s foremost international designer and designer. Already as
16-year-old silversmith apprentice discovered Efva by EileenFord and suddenly she was an international model in the world’s great fashion metropoles. After the model career Efva Attling started the band X-models and made music that we still go and hum. Since 1996, Efva Attling creates jewelery in silver, gold, diamonds and gemstones sold worldwide. Add to that the design for Orrefors, Grammispriset, Polar Music Prize and much more!
A true jazz ambassador, who plays only jazz in their stores worldwide!
Camilla Ahlgren
Camilla Ahlgren
One of the Swedish TV series’ great concealers! The sympathetic and humble screenwriter and playwright Camilla Ahlgren is behind the most horrible and exciting Swedish criminal series such as Bron, Morden in Sandhamn and Gåsmamman but also the long-running Rederiet.
Mästerverket Bron, which she has written with Hans Rosenfeldt, has conquered the world and become a real nail bitter in more than 180 countries!
Imagine if all millions of TV viewers would know that these exciting intrigues are created in the small picturesque village of Snårestad just west of Ystad where she is now sitting with her husband and writing new exciting scripts

Ambassadors 2017

Kim Andersson
Kim Andersson
As an athlete in the world elite, one must be trained, skilled, responsive and well prepared to be able to improvise in the moment.
Read the game, fellow players and fit advanced balls. It has Ystads IF’s great handball players in common with all the prominent jazz musicians.
After 10 years abroad in the world’s best handball team and in the Swedish national team with games in the European Championships, World Championships and Olympics, we are extremely proud to get connected to us Kim Andersson as ambassador for Ystad’s jazz festival.
Claes Malmberg
Claes Malmberg
Claes Malmberg made his entrance in the 80’s as the popular hard rock poet Ronny Jönsson. Since then, versatile Claes has been seen in dramas, musicals, movies, humor, entertainment and children’s programs.
A width ranging from Parliament, Les Misérables, Kalle Blomkvist to Hemsöborna. For the lead role in The Spring for Hitler, Claes was awarded a Gold Mask. A warm and great spreader of joy with audiences of all generations.
Sanna Persson Halapi
Sanna Persson Halapi
Most may know Sanna as Lithuanian travel leader Jolanta in the Hipp Hipp humor series or from films such as Jan Troells So White as a Snow.
With her percussion colleagues in Six Drummers, she has created the world’s most viewed short film Music for one apartment and Six Drummers and the feature film Sound of Noise, acclaimed in Russia, the USA and Mexico.
The younger generation loves the space creature Pax from the Children’s Channel series Pax earthly adventure.
Pax invited everyone JazzKidz on swinging Space Jazz with big band during the festival 2015.
Like Claes Malmberg’s Christmas calendar “When the carousels sleep”, Sannas “Mystery at Greveholm – The Count’s Return” became among the most beloved of SVT’s Christmas calendars.
Secret talent: Jazz DJ!

Ambassadors 2016

Lasse Åberg
Lasse Åberg
Lasse is our ambassador and jazz artist for the second year in a row! We look forward to another year of good cooperation.
Johan Wester
Johan Wester
Johan Wester is a comedian who co-wrote the hugely popular Swedish comedy sketch show, Hipphipp!
Henrik Sundström
Henrik Sundström
Henrik Sundström, a former professional tennis player, was a Davis Cup-winner in 1984.
Ann-Marie Rauer
Ann-Marie Rauer
Journalist Ann-Marie Rauer is the presenter of Sweden’s most popular culture TV programme, Sverige!

Ambassadors 2015

Lasse Åberg
Lasse ÅbergAmbassadör 2015
Lasse Åberg is a Swedish multi-talented creator – an artist, graphic designer, film director, scriptwriter, musician and actor.
Ardy Strüwer
Ardy StrüwerAmbassadör 2015
Ardy Strüwer was born in Java, grew up in Indonesia and Holland, studied at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, came to Sweden to continue his studies at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and went on to work at wellknown studios in Paris and New York. Ardy is a multifaceted artist, scriptwriter, humorist and musician with jazz and funk in his veins, but most of all he is a painter with an explosive palette. Ardy was the YSJF Jazz Artist of the year in 2013.
Anna-Lena Bergelin
Anna-Lena BergelinAmbassadör 2015
Anna-Lena Berg Elin is a comedian, writer, singer and actor. She has been named Sweden’s funniest woman and has been a jack of all trades throughout their careers.
Jan Sigurd
Jan SigurdAmbassadör 2015
Jan Sigurd’s authors, musicians and comedians. He had been in the 1990s, a collaboration with Monica Zetterlund that resulted in the cabaret Zetterlund & Sigurd.

Ambassadors 2014

Bengt-Arne Wallin
Bengt-Arne WallinLife Time Honorary Ambassador in Memorial
Trumpeter, arranger, composer and Swedish jazz legend. He persuaded Quincy Jones to come to the festival in 2012. Has arranged and conducted two major concerts during the 2012 festival, which was a tribute concert to Quincy Jones. Was named the festival’s first ambassador in 2010.
Björn Ranelid
Björn RanelidAmbassadör 2014
Björn Ranelid among Sweden’s most acclaimed and widely read authors with more than thirty novels and literary works. Ranelids literary texts can also be enjoyed in the magnificent work of Jussi Bjorling. Among the many prizes is August Prize and the Hasse & Tages Humor Prize. Björn Ranelid is a regular columnist and has been recognized as the author, who has developed the Swedish language the most. For twelve years he taught students at Österport high school in Ystad in philosophy and Swedish. Jazz musicians conversing through improvisation. Ranelid enthrall his audience with the word – in stories, novels, poetry, chronicles and lectures – with enthusiasm, warmth and humor. Björn Ranelid is generous to his audience and emerges as well in small groups as the major venues. What other Swedish writers have spoken before 55,000 people? TV viewers have come to know Ranelid as by many of the largest and most popular productions. Jazz Festival is very honored to associate the word champion to itself as this year’s ambassador.
Nicole Johänntgen
Nicole JohänntgenAmbassadör 2014
The young award-winning German saxophonist Nicole Johänntgen is a rapidly rising star on the European jazz scene. Our international ambassador in 2014 is known for great energy and dynamic play and has packed a lot in his young life. She has toured extensively in Europe, among others. a participation in the Jazz Baltica 2012, guest soloist in Toulouse Jazz Festival and has worked on various projects with, among others Nils Landgren and Lars Danielsson. She has won several awards as the first prize in the Yamaha Sax Contest in Berlin and Jazz Soloist Competition in Monaco.

Ambassadors 2013

Henning Mankell
Henning MankellAmbassadör 2013
With its broad social commitment is author Henning Mankell is one of Sweden’s most important cultural figures and commentators internationally. Both his novels and crime novels he wrote about Ystad police Wallander read and loved by millions of people worldwide. Mankell is also one of the most performed playwrights internationally.
Edda Magnason
Edda MagnasonAmbassadör 2013
Edda Magnason is an artist and songwriter, born in Ystad 1984. During 2004-2005 studied Edda at Gotland School of Music Composition. Edda music belongs popgenren with incidence ranging from hip hop, jazz and classical to folk singing. The debut album Edda Magnason was published in 2010 and 2011. During the album Goods Warner Music ongoing recordings of Edda third album scheduled to be released in 2014. Edda stars as Monica Zetterlund Monica Z in the film, which had theatrical release September 13, 2013.

Ambassadors 2012

Quincy Jones
Quincy JonesLife Time Honorary Ambassador
Quincy Delight Jones, Jr., born March 14, 1933 the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, is an American record producer, television and film producer, musician and songwriter. Quincy Jones was first known as a jazz musician, but today is also known as the producer behind Michael Jackson CDs Thriller, Bad and Off the Wall.
He began his musical career playing with jazz musician Ray Charles, the jazz clubs in Seattle, Washington. In 1951 he was successful as a trumpeter Lionel Hamptons band. He was a skilled organizer and led several bands. In 1957 he became a record producer on the record label Barclay Records in Paris.

In 1960, Jones became the first black employee of a high post at a major record label, Mercury Records. When jazz was no longer so popular, he was asked to produce singles by pop music. The first was It’s My Party by Lesley Gore. In 1962 he wrote Soul Bossa Nova, an accessible melody which decades later became known as the theme of the movie Austin Powers. In the mid 1960s, he moved to Los Angeles and began writing film scores, including the music for the film In Cold Blood. He also wrote the signature melodies to several TV series. In 1969 he recorded Walking In Space, an early jazz fusion disc.

In the 1970s, Jones produced more pop and less jazz. He received due to take some criticism from people who felt that he sold himself. In 1977 he was commissioned to write the music for The Wiz, a modernized version of the Wizard of Oz. There he met Michael Jackson, who had been one of the roles in the film, and they agreed that Jones would be the producer of Jackson’s first solo album, “Off the Wall”. Success and friendship meant that cooperation continued.

In the mid-1980s were Quincy Jones, producer of the charity single We Are the World. 1989 he was producer of the Back On The Block, where stars like Barry White, James Ingram, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, George Benson, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan was included, along with Big Daddy Kane and other rap and hip-hopstjärnor. Among the TV productions he has been involved in include the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and among film credits include The Color Purple. He has won 26 Grammy and received the Polar Music Prize 1994.

Anna-Lena Laurin
Anna-Lena LaurinAmbassadör 2012
Anna-Lena began his musical career as a jazz pianist and singer in own quintet. Perhaps many families also Anna-Lena’s “Awake my bun” in the music rest home at the piano? With Colours (1997), specially composed for Hakan Hardenberger classical trumpet and Anders Bergcrantz jazz trumpet – choir, piano, double bass and percussion – began classical music take place in Anna-Lena tonsättargener and after some initial years as both a musician and composer worker Anna-Lena nowadays almost exclusively as a composer of art music, where she sometimes enter improvising jazz soloists. With the world as its field belongs to Anna-Lena a unique band in the Swedish music scene. Her music can be enjoyed than in Italy, than in China, and has received orders from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the Norrland Opera.
Lena Endre
Lena EndreAmbassadör 2012
Lena Endre is one of the largest and most prolific actors. Lena came to the Royal Dramatic Theatre in 1987 and has made many of the major leading roles, directed by Ingmar Bergman, among others. Over the years, Lena has been seen in more than 60 films and television series. She is seen as comfortable in the great classical roles in the comic. For their performances in Jerusalem, directed by Bille August and Faithless directed by Liv Ullmann, Lena Endre awarded Gold Rams. Add thereto five Guldbagge Nominations! In 2009 starred Lena Endre in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy and in 2009-2010 Lena became familiar with Ystad, in the role of prosecutor Katarina Ahlsell in 13 episodes of Henning Mankell’s Wallander series.
Gert Palmcrantz
Gert PalmcrantzAmbassadör 2012
Gert Palmcrantz is one of Sweden’s foremost audio manufacturers in both jazz and classical music. His career started in the 1950s in Europe Films recording studio. The album “Jazz at the Pawnshop” which was recorded in 1976 is considered one of Sweden’s most sold and important jazz albums and is still heard around the world. On the album appeared giants Arne Domnérus, Bengt Hallberg, Lars Erstrand, Georg Riedel and Egil Johansen. Gert Palmcrantz has recorded diverse places, from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in the east to Carnegie Hall in New York in the West. The newspaper Expressen Cultural musician was awarded Gert Palmcrantz and Povel Ramel 1987.
Anne Lundberg
Anne LundbergAmbassadör 2012
Jazz lover and Ystadbon Anne Lundberg is a familiar face in the city and is often seen at concerts, theater and cultural events and neglect never a good time to talk warmly of the festival. As emcee Anne will lead the big final concert “A Quincy Jones Celebration” 5 August at 22:00 with the Swedish jazz elite led by Bengt-Arne Wallin, the festival’s first ambassador, and Quincy Jones as guest of honor.

Ambassadors 2011

Gösta Ekman
Gösta EkmanAmbassadör 2011
Hans Gösta Gustaf Ekman (the younger), born July 28, 1939 in Stockholm, is a Swedish director and actor. Gosta Ekman is the son of Hasse Ekman and Agneta Wrangel af Sauss, and grandson of Gosta Ekman (the older). He is the brother Kyle, Michael and Stefan Ekman, half brother Fam Ekman and uncle of Sanna Ekman. Since 1989, he married Marie-Louise Ekman.
Jason Diakité (Timbuktu)
Jason Diakité (Timbuktu)Ambassadör 2011
Timbuktu grew up in Lund. In 2003-2004 came the album The bottom is reached that is followed by a tour with DJ Amato and Chords and the Damn !. Timbuktu won during this time her first Grammy, wrote the music for the TV series Knife and starred in the film Babylonsjukan. In summer 2004 he released an album with completely off and Chords. In 2005 released the album Everyone wants to heaven but nobody wants to die.
Jacques Werup
Jacques WerupAmbassadör 2011
Jacques Werup, born January 14, 1945 in Malmo, a Swedish musician, writer, poet, performer and screenwriter. Werup poetry usually associated with jazz and he played with Frans in Werup-Sjöströmgruppen. He was a childhood friend of Mikael Wiehe and Goran Shooting and debuted as a writer in 1971.
Sara Sommerfeld
Sara SommerfeldAmbassadör 2011
The actress and musical artist Sara Sommerfeld, born in 1977, has now been appointed as this year’s fourth ambassador of the jazz festival in Ystad 4-7 / 8th Sara has a great interest in music with them from home and think for example. much about music Georg Riedel (Riedel and friends perform during the jazz festival in Ystad).

Ambassadors 2010

Bengt-Arne Wallin
Bengt-Arne WallinAmbassadör 2010
Bengt-Arne Wallin is a jazz musician, trumpeter, arranger and composer since 1948. From 1966 composer and orchestra conductor at the theater, on radio and TV shows, movies and on disc. 1970-93 teacher of ensemble playing, improvisation and composition at the Royal Academy. Music in Stockholm. Member of the jury of the Polar Music Prize, the International Council of Music and the Swedish Jazz Academy since its formation in 1994.
Krister Henriksson
Krister HenrikssonAmbassadör 2010
Krister is a big jazz fan and will of course visit the jazz festival in Ystad. He is one of Sweden’s most famous actors and had his breakthrough in 1973 at the Stockholm City Theatre. Since then he has starred in numerous plays, television series and feature films. He received two gold rams for Best Actor in the Veranda for a tenor and the Six Hope and Love. He has also been awarded the Royal Medal litteris et artibus for outstanding artistic achievement. He is a professor of dramatic performance at the Theatre Academy in Stockholm. He has a strong connection to Ystad Inspector Kurt Wallander.
Håkan Hardenberger
Håkan HardenbergerAmbassadör 2010
Hakan Hardenberger is one of the world’s leading trumpet soloists. He performs with the world’s leading orchestras and an excellent representative of the Skåne music scene.