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Info tickets


Buy tickets via: www.ystadjazz.se, http://www.ystadjazz.se or Ystad Tourist Office +46 411-57 76 81.

During the festival days, tickets can also be purchased at the Ystads Teater box office. Remaining tickets are sold before the concert starts at the respective venues. The number of seats is limited at many venues, so buying tickets in advance is recommended.


Most concerts are free to children up to 14 years old in the company of an adult.

At Ystads Teater a child ticket is required: price SEK 100.


Young people (15-25 years-old) receive a 50% discount on the standard ticket price. 15-25 years receive 50% discount on the regular fare.


Lustkort holders may purchase a maximum of 2 tickets / Concert. The number of tickets and concerts is limited. The Lustkort is to be shown on entry to the Concert.

Jazz Card / Blue Card

Jazz Cards

A Jazz Card gives you a 20% discount on one ticket to every concert. Price: SEK 250. The Jazz Card is to be shown on entry to the concert. Jazz Cards can be bought in connection with the respective concert and at Ystad Tourist Office and Ystads Teater.

Blue Card

The Blue Card provides you with entry to all concerts, but does not guarantee a particular seat at venues with unnumbered seating – however, you have a reserved seat at Ystads Teater.

Price: SEK 5000. Order from ticket@ystadjazz.se or Ystad Tourist Office 0411-57 76 81