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Ale Möller – mandola, accordion, dulcimer, banjo…
Felisia Westberg – bass
Robin Cochrane – drums
Liliana Zavala – percussion, vocals
Johan Graden – keyboards
Erik Rydvall – keyed fiddle
Jonas Knutsson – saxophone
Anna Malmström – clarinet
Karin Hammar – trombone

Swedish composer and multi-instrumentalist Ale Möller celebrated 50 years as a performing artist in 2021. His musical prowess covers instruments as diverse as mandola, accordion, bouzouki and banjo, and his compositions, drawing influences from across the globe and spanning traditional folk, world and improvisational music, resist easy categorisation.

Ale Möller integrated some of his major influences from the past – four inspirational musicians from Greece, India, Sweden and West Africa – on the album “Xeno Mania” (2021). He has won Swedish eight Swedish Grammys and “Xeno Mania” is nominated in the folk music category for the 2022 awards.

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