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Anders Jormin – bass
Lena Willemark – vocals, fiddle
Karin Nakagawa (JP) – 25-string koto

“Trees of Light” is a Swedish-Japanese project that brings together a fascinating improvisational mix of influences from Swedish folk music and the Japanese classical tradition.

Swedish composer and celebrated double bassist Anders Jormin has played with Bobo Stenson, Charles Lloyd, Tomasz Stańko and many others.

Considered to be the leading singer and fiddle player in the Swedish folk tradition, Lena Willemark often sings in Elfdalian, an old Scandinavian dialect.

Karin Nakagawa is regarded as one of the leading exponents of the 25-string koto, an ancient, harp-like instrument seldom seen outside Japan.

The trio started their collaboration in 2013 and have released “Trees of Light” (2015), which won a Swedish Grammy and several other awards, and “Poems for Orchestra” (2019). A third album from the trio is in the pipeline.

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