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Anouar Brahem (TN) – oud
Klaus Gesing (DE) – bass clarinet, saxophone
Björn Meyer – bass
Khaled Yassine (LB) – darbouka

Anouar Brahem is one of the foremost players of the oud – a pear-shaped Arabic lute. Born in Tunisia, he began studying the oud at the age of ten when he enrolled at the National Conservatory of Music. During his career, he has become an important figure in establishing the oud as a solo instrument, developing an innovative musical style that combines Arab classical music, folk music and jazz.

He has released 13 albums on the ECM label since his debut album “Barzakh” (1991). Perhaps his most well-known song “The Astounding Eyes of Rita” (2009), taken from the album of the same name, was recorded with his quartet, featuring the same line-up as tonight’s concert. Writing in the Guardian, John Fordham described the album as “a richly varied and often thrilling piece of world jazz.”

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