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Iiro Rantala (FI) – piano

Few jazz pianists have explored the art of solo playing as intensively as Iiro Rantala.

The Finnish piano virtuoso will be performing highlights from his solo albums “Lost Heroes” (2011), “My Working Class Hero” (2015) and “My Finnish Calendar” (2019). These include original compositions such as “Tears for Esbjörn”, “Pekka Pohjola” and “November” and classic songs such as John Lennon’s “Woman” and “Imagine”.

Iiro Rantala’s live performances are well-known for his passionate playing style, encompassing jazz, classical and pop, as well as the humorous interludes between songs.

When presenting the JTI Trier Jazz Award to Iiro Rantala in 2016, the jazz critic of Süddeutsche Zeitung, Ralf Dombrowski, tried to sum up the pianist’s stage persona: “He is a seasoned performer and his touch at the piano is uniquely beguiling. His ability subtly to vary his sound and the imagination he brings to his melodic lines are unforgettable. Rantala can sweep listeners off their feet, he can be clown and magician, charmer and virtuoso, maverick and humorist.”

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