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Jacob Karlzon – piano

Jacob Karlzon, one of Europe’s leading jazz pianists, has become well-known in a number of musical guises – as a collaborator with artists such as Swedish vocalist Viktoria Tolstoy, as the leader of his own trio, and as a distinctive and dynamic solo performer.

He has released 11 works under his own name ranging from forays into heavy metal on “More” (2012) to interpretations of Ravel on “Improvisational 3” (2010) and a solo piano album “One” (2015). His latest release is “Open Waters” (2019).

Jacob Karlzon is a classically-trained pianist who grew up with hard rock and 1980s pop music, but was drawn to the freedom of performing jazz: “I got into jazz because I loved improvisation. This kind of spontaneous play achieves ever new levels in the direct communication with the audience, in the exchange of energy and emotion. Performing live for an audience is for me the ‘original place of music’, an ecstatic experience on both sides.”

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