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Jan Lundgren – piano
Mattias Svensson – bass
Johannes Dickbauer (AT) – 1st violin
Emily Stewart (CR) – 2nd violin
Lena Fankhauser-Campregher (CA) – viola
Asja Valcic (HR) – cello

This concert, featuring Jan Lundgren, Mattias Svensson and an international string quartet, is a celebration of the music of the Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson (1931-1968), whose distinctive, contemplative piano style can be heard on albums such as “Jazz på Svenska” (1964) – Sweden’s best-selling jazz record ever.

Jan Lundgren has been instrumental in maintaining and developing Jan Johansson’s musical legacy. New arrangements of Jan Johansson’s music by Martin Berggren for piano, bass and string quartet were premiered at a critically acclaimed concert in 2015 at the Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival. A recording of the concert was released as a live album “The Ystad Concert” (2016)

Jan Johansson was perhaps best known for his jazz interpretations of traditional Swedish folk songs such as “Emigrantvisa” and “Polska från Medelpad” and these are among the songs – now reimagined for a six-piece ensemble – on this evening’s set list. Don’t miss the chance to discover, or rediscover, the music of Jan Johansson.

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