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Irma Neumüller Broth – vocals
Thiery Marazanye – piano
Hilda Nordkvist – double bass
Mattias Nyman – drums

Irma Neumüller is a young singer and composer with a great passion for her music. You could say that Irma has grown up in parallel with her songwriting as she has composed for as long as she can remember. Irma writes music in both Swedish and English where she with her personal touch gives new life to the traditional jazz sound. These are colorful compositions where she gives herself space to sing out honestly about all life has to offer, whether it’s about deep love worries or the beauty of nature. Everything from gripping ballads to red hot swings at breakneck speed is promised.

Contact: Irma Neumüller Broth irma.neumuller@gmail.com

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