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Nik Bärtsch (CH) – piano

Swiss pianist and composer Nik Bärtsch will present new mesmerising versions of his earlier compositions rearranged for solo piano.

Through his groups, the acoustic quartet Mobile and the electric quintet Ronin, Nik Bärtsch explores an individual style he describes as ‘zen-funk’ or ‘ritual groove music’ – the title of his first album in 2001. Elements are incorporated from a wide range of sources – jazz, funk, minimal, ambient, new classical and Japanese ritual – to create highly original hypnotic pieces.

This evening’s concert showcases his latest release “Entendre” (2021), about which the Guardian wrote: “…his first album entirely played on solo acoustic piano, with no overdubs – might be his finest yet.”

Reflecting on the recording of the album, Nik Bärtsch said: “My touch in the solo music is not primarily a ‘jazz’ attack on the piano. It’s between things. Between chamber music, solo playing in the classical tradition, more modern minimal music, and the ‘groove’ aspect.”

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