Jazz Artist 2024

”Samspelt i Ystad”
Birgitta Glenmark Photo_Mattias_Edwall
Birgitta Glenmark Photo_Mattias_EdwallJazz Artist 2024
This year’s Jazz Artist, Birgitta Glenmark, describes her creative method:
“My paintings are abstract. Colour and form. Layer upon layer. Light and dark. Thin transparent fields of colour that are allowed to spread over the canvas. Earlier layers decide the form of the next layer. The creative process can take different paths. The mind’s image file is continually replenished.”
Birgitta Glenmark lives and works in Stockholm, but visits to Ystad are part of the summer. Birgitta has exhibited at galleries in Sweden and Denmark. Music is a constant presence in the Glenmark family. Alongside her artistry, Birgitta works as a hand surgeon.

Does the intro in the painting look familiar? Birgitta has titled this year’s artwork “Bluesette” and donated it to the festival. The painting is acrylic on canvas and the dimensions are 69 x 73 cm.
The original could be yours! It will be auctioned during the festival via ystadjazz.se
The auction concludes at Ystads Teater on Saturday 3 August at 20.00.

Exhibition at Gallery M1 in Ystad
Birgitta Glenmark will be exhibiting at Gallery M1, Hotell Continental du Sud, from 24 July to 4 August. “Bluesette” will be part of the exhibition. Welcome to the preview on 24 July from 17.00 to 20.00.

Jazz Artist 2023

”Samspelt i Ystad”
Karl Valve
Karl ValveJazz Artist 2023
“Art can be created in so many different ways and that fascinates me. There is always something to explore ¬– everything from materials, colour combinations and motifs to various techniques. Some people say that they can tell I have painted graffiti when they see my work. I have always liked graffiti, even though my interest has cooled a little in recent years. What inspires me most is other artists. A major role model for me is Robert Rauschenberg. His techniques are very interesting. Andy Warhol’s work is also a great source of inspiration,” say the curious Pop Art artist Karl Valve.
“Creating makes me feel really good. Personally, my paintings are always with me. It is very relaxing and peaceful. It is a good feeling to get lost in your dreams through painting. Among the dreams is a wish to exhibit more abroad.”

Karl Valve has donated the original work of art to the jazz festival. The work is called “Reflections of Jazz”, photo transfer on plexiglass, mounted on polished aluminium, which creates a three-dimensional effect. Format 125 x 87 cm.
“Reflections of Jazz” will be auctioned via ystadjazz.se during the festival. Place your bid and this work of art could be yours, and you will be supporting the jazz festival just like Karl Valve!

Karl Valve will be exhibiting at Gallery M1 in Ystad 27 July-6 August. “Reflections of Jazz” is included in the exhibition and will be moved to Ystads Teater during the festival.
The exhibition preview is on 26 July at Gallery M1.

Jazz Artist 2022 Ystad Winter Piano Festival

”Samspelt i Ystad”
Harri Paavolainen
Harri PaavolainenJazz Artist 2022 Ystad Winter Piano Fest
Harri Paavolainen was born in Helsinki in 1975 in a culturally active family. He became interested in art at an early age. His mother was a classically trained painter and worked in the advertising industry, leading Harri towards a career in design.
He has periodically lived in various places in the world: Helsinki (FIN), Lincoln (UK), Geneva (CH), Ferney-Voltaire (FR), Graz (AU), London (UK) and Ystad, his current place of residence where he also has lived the longest.

Harri started his career as a pen-and-ink draftsman in an architectural office in Austria at an interesting time, just as CAD was introduced in the mid-1990s.

He studied graphic design and media design at the prestigious London College of Printing (now London College of Communication) in 1997–2000, and went on to work as a graphic designer and art director in the web and interactive design industry in Helsinki for five years.

Harri founded the design agency Helsinkifrostbites together with his wife Py and moved to Ystad in 2005. Together they have run their company for seventeen years and worked with a large number of clients with varying profiles, from private entrepreneurs to large global companies as well as local, regional and national authorities level in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Great Britain.

At the same time, Harri has pursued his own interests in visual arts, drawing, painting and photography alongside commercial design work.

Harri Paavolainen is a volunteer at YSJF: he is a graphic designer since 2014 and a festival photographer since 2017.

Jazz Art Artist 2022

”Jazz´n it up!”
Jennifer Saxell
Jennifer SaxellJazz Art Artist 2022
Swedish-Canadian Jennifer Saxell is a painter and musician. When she came to Sweden for the first time in the summer of 1990, she fell head over heels for the small fairytale town of Ystad and emigrated there with her family a year later. Since then, her paintings have been largely inspired by the southern Scanian small-town idyll on Österlen, but also the stately big cities in both Sweden and Denmark.

Jennifer has created her own style that could be called naive pop art. With a built-in sense of color and form, she plays with reality. The result is surreal patchwork quilts where the landscapes swing and the houses dance – lively and colorful, filled with individual details that live their own lives. Her images convey warmth and joy but also melancholy, openness but also secrets in a combination of the familiar and the unpredictable.

Jennifer has illustrated i.a. a Ingela ”Pling” Forsman’s children’s books and covers of all Susanna Alakoski’s youth books. Jennifer Saxell was awarded the Ystad Municipality Culture Prize in 2007.
In 2010, she published from the book “Ystad”, a collection of her own texts and street motifs.
Jennifer’s art can be found in galleries, museums and private collections around the world.
Every year during the Easter week, Jennifer opens her private studio in Österlen with a large exhibition for the public.

Jazz Art Artist 2021 Ystad Winter Piano Fest

”Samspelt i Ystad”
Hannah Svensson
Hannah SvenssonJazzartist 2021 Ystad Winter Piano Fest
With painting and jazz as life’s yin and yang

Hannah Svensson works mainly with watercolor, ink and acrylic. It has been natural for Hannah, to connect art and music in the paintings.
The jazz theme becomes clear in the album Pictures In Mind, where each song on the record has an associated work of art.
In her Jazz Art, Hannah has been inspired by the big and timeless stars in the jazz sky, those who have made headstrong impressions, created new styles of music,
passed groundbreaking milestones and shaped jazz history into what jazz is today.

The cover and poster for our very first winter piano party, is made by the jazz singer and artist Hannah Svensson.
Hannah exhibits her jazz pictures at Ystads Teater on 27/12 and at Ystad Saltsjöbad on 28/12. All jazz pictures can be bought on site.

Jazz Art Artist 2021

”Samspelt i Ystad”
Pia Carlström
Pia CarlströmJazz Art Artist 2021
Pia Carlström grew up in Spain. She studied painting and sculpture in Malaga, Madrid and Cordoba and went on to study graphics in Paris and Odense. As a second-generation artist and member of the East Skåne Artists’ Society (ÖSKG), she has played a part in the success story of art in Österlen. Pia has exhibited all over Sweden and in Denmark and Germany.
She was commissioned to create the poster for the 2007 Kristianstad Jazz Festival and music has long been a source of inspiration and motifs in her art. “Jazz music’s improvisational but simultaneously structured form has been a driving force in the studio for many years,” says Pia.

Auction of the original painting “Samspelt i Ystad” (Interplayed in Ystad)
Pia Carlström has donated the original painting, featuring Jan Lundgren and Nils Landgren among others, to the festival. Format 85 x 120 cm. The original will be auctioned during the festival. Place a bid at www.ystadjazz.se
The auction will end on Saturday 7 August at 20.45, before the final concert.

Art exhibition at Saluhallen
The original painting “Samspelt i Ystad” will be exhibited along with other works by Pia Carlström at the newly opened Saluhallen in Ystad (on the corner of Teatergränd/Stora Västergatan). The exhibition runs 31 July – August 15 with a preview, attended by the artist, on 31 July at 12.00

Art poster
The painting is also available as an art poster, format 50 x 70 cm, which can be purchased at the JazzShop and Saluhallen during the festival for SEK 150. It can also be ordered via the festival’s webshop.

Jazz Art Artist 2020

Karl Valve
Karl ValveJazz Art Artist 2020
Karl Valve was born in 1978 in Tullinge outside Stockholm, where he was fascinated by graffiti culture early on. With the move to Malmö, he discovered the P-building Anna and graffiti-lovable walls. It sparked his painting and creativity. A pop art artist was born!
As a curious pop art artist, Karl constantly develops new techniques with sprays, paints, spackles, layer upon layer, photo etc. on everything from linen to aluminum. Karl is a prolific photographer who is inspired by places and environments around the world. In addition to loving photography and painting, he loves film and music.

Jazz Art Artist 2019

Ardy Strüwer
Ardy Strüwer Jazz Art Artist 2019
Double anniversary! Ardy Stüwer, who himself celebrates 80 years, has made the jazz festival’s 10th anniversary.
Over the years, Ardy has illustrated jazz articles in the international media, not least from Norman Granz’s “Jazz at the Philharmonic” where
giants such as The Modern Jazz Quartet, Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, Bud Powell, Miles Davis, Johns Coltrane and more performed.
Ardy says it is a very great honour, to be able to contribute to the festival, which is a fantastic live enjoyment and happening.

“Kiss my Jazz,” love Ardy!

Jazz Art Artist 2018

Angelica Wiik
Angelica WiikJazz Art Artist 2018
Angelica Wiik belongs to the artist family Öjemark Wiik from Stockholm and Hudiksvall. Angelica’s art is colorful, pleasing and sensual, preferably with women and music in the motives.
As strong as her painting, her social commitment and support to young people.
She is also active in many different animal rights organizations. Angelica paints the life of jazz in rose red on nights and early mornings, usually for nice jazz and other Music.

Jazz Art Artists 2017

Owe Gustafson
Owe GustafsonJazz Art Artists 2017
The artist, illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer and author Owe Gustafson are famous for the vast majority of the animations of Five ants are more than four elephants.
How many have not learned to read and write thanks to them? When Sweden’s Television celebrated 60 years in 2016, the ants and elephants were named the most popular children’s programs in the world.
For decades, Owe was an illustrator of DN. As an artist, he has exhibited from New York in the west to Tokyo in the East. This year’s jazz record with the swinging blue elephant is called Tunggung.

Jazz Art Artists 2015 & 2016

Lasse Åberg
Lasse ÅbergJazz Art Artist 2015 & 2016
General practitioners creator. His life is, in his own opinion, an adult magazine where he draws, paints, sings and takes a few napkins. The fancy Jazzpostern 2015 is called Birdland. What fits better in Skåne? A stork and a heron!

Jazz Art Artist 2014

Edna Hinnerson
Edna HinnersonJazz Art Artist 2014
The image of the little bassist came in with a previous jazz festival in Ystad.
I found myself in a joyous jewel, was simply “high” of the music experiences. Jazz is a strong source of energy for me. Playfulness – mainly in some improvisational sequences – I feel again from my own creation. Periods when creativity is strongest and everything just flows. Creation, Creator and Eph. other participants become one and the time stands still.
As an artist and human, I am multifaceted as a jazz improvisation. A combination of madness and wisdom. My official “boulder” is long, but really uninteresting. To summarize my CV, which began in 1931 in Hamburg, I am a product of the long life I lived. The trip has been instructive.


Jazz Art Artist 2013

Ardy Strüwer
Ardy StrüwerJazz Art Artist 2014
Colorful Ardy Strüwer was born on Java, grew up and educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, came to Sweden for further studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and has worked at renowned studio in Paris and New York.
“Being a painter is to act as an optical author,” says Ardy. Painting is speaking the languages of the eyes and considering the painting is to read in shape and color. One can look at art with three eyes; his own and the heart. “Ardy is a multiculturalist, scriptwriter, humorist, musician with jazz and funk in the veins, but most of them an explosive palette painter.

Jazz Art Artist 2012

Madeleine Pyk
Madeleine PykJazz Art Artist 2012
Madeleine Pyks’s art reflects a wonderful journey, from a rich childhood and grew up over a large part of the world into her innermost wars. Everything is in her lustful artistic creation. In art, she often tells stories where places and memories appear, where people, houses, bikes, dogs and toys fly around.
The one who had the privilege of seeing her very extensive collection of photographs from moments around her, hopes for an exhibition showing an unknown side of her artistry.
Madeliene Pyk is a great person to meet, full of humor, life and curiosity. She is one of our most popular and diligent artists and definitely one of the coolest.

Jazz Art Artist 2011

Alain Le Chatelier
Alain Le ChatelierJazz Art Artist 2011
Alain Le Chatelier is a French artist who shows her work in France, St. Barthélemy, Sweden and the United States. Bright saturated colors define his palette. You are immediately drawn to the humor, spiced with a splash of neglect, seen in his work. “Some of the paintings are seen from an angle that only a bird or insect flying above can see,” says Le Chatelier, who often includes insects in his paintings, giving a touch of imagination. Some of the scenes, he refers to as “confined space”, where the viewer is welcomed into space. You never know what you can find in one of Le Chatelier’s paintings, colors are just the beginning …

Jazz Art Artist 2010

Cecilia TengbladJazz Art Artist 2010
“Music and art are touching each other. Together they are reborn in exciting improvisations and it was, among other things, Glad to come to”
Cecilia Tengblad is educated in graphics and animation at The Royal College of Art in London and is active in Sweden.