“Next Generation” is a newly established award that will be granted to one or more jazz musicians who are in the early stages of their professional careers. The award, which was initiated by YSJF’s Artistic Director Jan Lundgren, cannot be applied for. An awards committee will select the recipient or recipients. In the first year, the committee will consist of four representatives from Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival and Musik i Syd.

“The award aims to financially support jazz musicians who have started a career with the objective to earn a living as a musician. Most jazz musicians have spent 4–5 years gaining a long, highly qualified Music Academy education and in many cases an additional 1–2 years at Folk High School. Getting established as a jazz musician takes time and the situation for a musician who is still young is often tough with low fees and not enough live performances,” says Jan Lundgren, who since the jazz festival started in 2010, has engaged many of Sweden’s[BR1]  future big names within jazz.

At the time of writing, the coronavirus pandemic has had a hard impact on many of the freelances in jazz, and those at the beginning of their careers have been particularly affected. There is an impending risk of losing young talented musicians and with this award the jazz festival wants to help to support the next generation of professional jazz musicians and contribute to their continuation.

The ambition is that the award will continue to be granted on an annual basis. Donations for the benefit of young jazz musicians are welcome.

Those who would like to support the initiative and award are welcome to send a donation.
For foreign donors, the following info / account number applies.

Sparbanken Syd
Box 252
271 25 Ystad

IBAN: SE7995700000005251469523

and stating Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival as payment recipient.
State name, city/town and email address (or postal address) as well as telephone number and “Stipendium”(Award).

Jan Lundgren, award initiator and YSJF Artistic Director[BR2] , +46 70 865 87 27
Thomas Lantz, YSJF President, +46 76 105 21 44

Recipients of Ystad Sweden Jazz Award “NEXT GENERATION” 2020:

The first recipients of the YSTAD SWEDEN JAZZ AWARD “NEXT GENERATION” are:

Photo: Markus Fägersten

* Sven-Erik Lundekvist – piano
* Stina Andersdotter – bass
* Karolina Almgren – saxophone
* Simon Peterson – bass
* Johnny Åhman – bass
* Måns Persson – guitar
* Cornelia Nilsson – drums
* John Venkiah – piano
* Jens Persson – saxophone
* Kristoffer Rostedt – drums
* Olle Dernevik – drums
* Björn Ingelstam – trumpet
* Anne Marte Eggen – bass
* Mimi Terris – vocals
* Johanna Jarl – vocals

Bidragsgivare YSJF Award 2021

Bidragsgivare/Contributor Bidragsgivare/Contributor
John Bolger GreyViviane Baladi
Tomas PerssonGöran Ruckner
Inger NermanBärbel Westphal
Roddy NilssonBo Lönnerblad
Göran GrufstedtThomas Lantz
Paul Winstanley

Bidragsgivare YSJF Award 2020

Bidragsgivare/Contributor Bidragsgivare/Contributor
Kjell UlmfeldtJan Lundgren
Viviane Baladi o Tomas PerssonTord Alfredsson
Inger NermanLennart Kjellander
YazzEva & Anders Evander
Göran GrufstedtTorvald Höjerback
Itta & Bosse JohnsonJonas Sjöström
Dag & Eva LandvikPer Nydahl
Ronny & Ulrika NielsenGeorg Riedel
Andrea & Wieland KunertJohn Bolger
Eva & Lars KylbergEsbjörn Vrang
Ann-Krestin WernerssonAnna Rusovan Johnsson
Björn Johansson, Skrotjohan InvestUlf Wakenius
Dr Thomas BeckerHigh Society Malmö
Nils LandgrenIda Sand
Emile ParisienJohnny Åhman
Staffan Sendelius