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A meeting at Copenhagen Airport between Jan Lundgren and Thomas Lantz became the starting point for a new jazz festival in Sweden. From 15 concerts of 3 days with 3,000 visitors in 2010 to 42 concerts in 2018 for 5 days and 10,000 visitors is a fabulous development. Concerts in Ystad’s unique surroundings and the family atmosphere make the festival unique.
The festival is chaired by a committee, which, without compensation, is working year-round with planning and, on completion, is strengthened with 100 volunteers.

Postal Adress:
Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival
c/o Ystads Teater
Sjömansgatan 13
271 43 Ystad
Org.nr. 802450-3933
Bankgiro 605-2450

Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival